Pepi Gramshammer first introduced Wedel Weeks in 1985, which has since been a very successful ski training program in the Austrian tradition. The term "wedel" refers to a type of short, stylized ski turn. The aim of Pepi's Wedel Weeks is to get each person in shape for the coming season by working hard on the technique of intermediate through advanced skiers. The program is run by some of Vail's finest ski instructors. It brings people together with other energetic and serious skiers for a week of strong ski instruction and social activities.

Who Should Attend? Pepi's Wedel Weeks is for accomplished skiers, people who love the sport and who plan to ski more than just a few days each season. The program focuses around small groups of skiers with similar skill levels, ranging from intermediate to advanced. If you can comfortably ski many of the blue runs on Vail Mountain, you'll fit right in. Should you ski below this level, we'll organize separate ski school classes for you, but still within the Wedel Weeks program and price. Wedel Weeks is not for beginners. No matter what your level, we guarantee you'll be a better skier by the end of the program.

What makes our program special is that you get top quality instruction in an atmosphere that encourages having fun while meeting people from all over the world. You'll come away with great memories, new friendships and a better ability to handle the mountain. Participants in our programs are part of a growing family of friends that seem to come back year after year.